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there is a difference between paid and organic search results. Organic results are more trusted by users. List of Services offered by Jim Craig

Jim Craig offers a variety of services for a very competitive price. Our goal for every customer is to take their already existing website, and make it better through Search Engine Optimization. This includes making the websites content more descriptive to increase the amount traffic through the site via search engine. 90% of internet use starts with a search engine so it is very important that your company is at the top of the list. All methods of SEO that Jim Craig offers are organic, versus paid. Paid search results are automatically added to the top of Googles search results making them more visibile to the customer. The problem with this however is that most customers do not trust paid ads. What they are looking for is an organic result that Google itself suggested, not whoever pays to be at the top. The top organic results on Google receive the most attention from customers. It is important to be in the top 3.